G21 Disc Brake Gravel Rammekit


Normal pris 12.500,00 kr

Enhedspris Stk. 

Certificering:  UCI-godkendt

Inklusive dele: G21 ramme, gaffel, styr, sadelpind

Størrelse: 45cm, 49cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm

Materiale: High Modulus Toray 800 Carbon Fiber

Farve:  Arctic Ice / Desert Brown / Chameleon / Custom Painting

BB: BBT-47

Hovedrør: Lige 1-1/2"

Bagudgående dropout: 12*142 Thru Axle

Bagskinnebøjle: Udskiftelig

Rammevægt: 980g+/-50g (49cm)

Størrelse på styret: 400mm,420mm,440mm

Størrelse af stilk: 80mm/90mm/100mm/110mm

Styrets vægt: 340+/-15g (420x90)


Gaffel og sadelpind:

Gaffel: 1-1/8" to 1-1/2" Steerer, 12*100 Thru Axle

Gaffelvægt: 420g+/-15g

Sadelpind Vægt: 204+/-15g



Bremsepasning: Flat Mount Disc

Kabelføring: Intern

Flaskeholdere: 4

Mudguard-kompatibel: Ja

Lastholder kompatibel: Ja

Maksimal dækbredde: 700X53mm , 650BX2.1"

Tilbehør: Afstandsstykker til styret: 3mm: 1 stk., 5mm: 1 stk., 10mm: 3 stk. Foraksel: 1 stk., bagaksel: 1 stk.

Max Ryttervægt: 110KG

Garanti: 3 år


Størrelse A B C D E F G H I L M
45cm 450 510 373 512 79 75° 69° 79 433 47 401.5
49cm 490 515 373 531 98.5 75.0° 69.5° 79 433 47 401.5
52cm 520 536.4 379 549 107 74.0° 70° 79 433 47 401.5
54cm 540 551 383 566 126 73.5° 70° 79 433 47 401.5
56cm 560 566 387 586 145 73° 72.2° 79 433 47 401.5
58cm 580 577 390 611 171 73.0° 72.3° 79 433 47 401.5
60cm 610 592 396 640 200 73.0° 72.6° 79 433 47 401.5


Diagrammerne nedenfor viser vores anbefalede størrelser baseret på højde, men der er nogle andre faktorer, såsom arm- og benlængde, der bestemmer en god pasform.
Derfor vil du se nogle overlapninger i vores anbefalinger.

Størrelse XXS XS S M L XL XXL
45CM 49CM 52CM 54CM 56CM 58CM 60CM
Rytter Højde 160-169CM 166-175CM 172-181CM 178-187CM 184-193CM 190-196CM >196CM
5'2.9"-5'6.5" 5'5.3"-5'8.9" 5'8.1"-5'11.2" 5'10"-6'1.6" 6'0.4"-6'3.9" 6'2.8"-6'5.1" >6'5.1"


We have strict quality control process to ensure the excellent frameset quality.

1.Test di fatica della pedalata: carica 1100 N, 100000 cicli
2.Vertical Fatigue Test: Load 1200N , 50000 Cycles
3.Horizontal Fatigue Test: Load 600N , 100000 Cycles
4.Vibration Fatigue Test: load ST:20KG,BB:40kg,HT:10kg , 30000 Cycles
5.Impact Test (Falling Mass): Falling height 212mm, farmar weight: 22.5 KG.
6.Rigid Test (Falling Frame): Load ST:30KG, BB:50kg, HT:10kg, 2 Cycles

Safety equals Quality

100,000 Cycle fatigue test with no damage

72cm Drop impact test with both drop loaded by weight, replicate heavy sprinting, no damage.

We have very strict quality control for all YOELEO products, because safety is always our number one priority.

Spacer Adaptor to Fit Most of Internal Cable Routing Frame

We provide different adaptors to fit different carbon frames, if your carbon frame model is not in the options,please be free to contact us for more details.


Internal cable routing results in external clean lines and improved aerodynamics with the cables completely hidden from view within our fully internal H21 integrated handlebar. The internal cable routing system is not only adding to the aesthetic qualities of the frame, but also makes cleaning the frame a simpler process.


This G21 has tons of mounting for bottle cages, fork panniers, rear panniers, and mudguards on both front and rear sides. We even make the front triangle high enough to ensure riders can mount a frame bag without sacrificing two bottle carrying capacity on the bike.


Up to 53c means you can fit a MTB 29 inch tire when you need to tackle bigger obstacles or to ride in very challenging terrain. However, smaller tire sizes like 45c are recommended for muddy condition rides and for a bike setup with mud guards to ensure there is enough room for mud built-up during the ride.


We purposely choose D-Shaped seatpost to give the rider a little bit of compliance on the rough road surface, combined with a bigger tire to act as its main suspension. G21 allows the rider to ignore small obstacles and focus on bike control.

EPS+LATEX Production Tech
For Handlebar and Frame

As previously mentioned the G21 is moulded by new manufacturing process called EPS+Latex Tech. Unlike traditional methods like nylon bladders, latex is very flexible and can stretch, so the inside of the frame can be moulded more consistently. This new tech makes G21 incredibly smooth internally eliminating fold lines and creases for a more uniformed internal wall smoothness resulting in a stronger frame. It also simplifies the cable routing process and with this new tech, the frameset weight remains lower due to the extra resin overflow rate is higher and spreads more evenly during the moulding process.
Our H21 gravel handlebar are using the same tech as well.


Implementing a proven gravel geometry, G21 feels nimble and stable on the high speed like a road bike. At the same time, it provides the rider confidence to ride on the rough surface and steep descent, thanks to its wheelbase and 67mm mechanical trail.



G21 is good chooice for gravel racing or long-distance gravel riding

Reviewed by Patrick from U.S.A

I can say that if you are looking for a gravel frame just in general this is definitely the bike you should get in my opinion. This bike does everything I need to do. You have the flared handlebar, integrated cockpit and it’s really comfortable.

YOELEO Sponsored Team - Cykeln

We have been sponsoring the Italian Cykeln team since 2016. All team members are using Yoeleo SAT T60|88 carbon wheels. In 2016, the team member Martino Poccianti set the fastest lap in Red Hook Crit Milano history. His time of 1:29.576 was 2 seconds faster than the previous track record. The average speed for this lap was a blistering 52kph. 


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