SAT C50|50 PRO Clincher/Tubeless


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Hjul til:  700C landevejscykler

Dekalfarve:  Hvid

Vævefinish:  Marmor Grå

Fælge Materiale:  Carbon Fiber T800 med 1K Carbon

Fælge Type:  Clincher/Tubeless

Fælge Dybde:  50mm

Fælge Bredde:  25mm

Fælgform:  U-formet

Bremseflade:  Højt tempereret harpiks plus 1K Carbon bremseflade

Fælgvægt:  500g+/-15g


Hubs:  YOELEO 220 SP Ratchet System Hub  52T

Nav Vægt:  105g+212g

O.L.D:  Foran 100mm, bagpå 130mm

Kassette:  Til Shimano 10.11 speed eller Campagnolo 11.12 speed. (Kontakt os, hvis du har brug for afstandsstykker til at køre 9/10 hastighed)

Eger:  Black Pillar WING 20 Aero eger

Tæller:  20H foran, 24H bagpå

Nippler:  Sorte Sapim Secure Lock Nippler


Hjulsæt Vægt:  1540+/-15g

Inklusive tilbehør:

Sorte Titanium Quick Release Spindler (1 stk.)

Yoeleo keramiske bremseklodser (2prs)

Ekstra eger (2 stk.)

Ventilforlængere (2 stk.)


Anbefalet dækbredde:  700x25(28) 

Rørkompatibilitet:  Presta

Max ryttervægt:  231lbs /105kg

Grænse for maks. dæktryk: 

125PSI/8.6bar til Clincher dæk, 

90PSI/6,2bar til Tubeless dæk

Garanti:  3 år

Certificering:  UCI-godkendt

Strict Quality Control

We have strict quality control processes to make sure we deliver excellent quality wheels to customers. 
1. Vertical stiffness test: 300 kgf
2. Torsion test: 50 kgf
3. Spoke tension test: 300 kgf
4. Braking test: High temperature resistance
5. Road condition simulation test: Distance: 1000km, avg speed: 45 kph
6. Double stress relief process: Ensures stable and perfect roundness and trueness, eliminating the need for trueing the wheels for a long period of time. 
7. UCI impact test: 40J (UCI standard) / 80J (Yoeleo standard)

UCI Approved Wheels

Yoeleo carbon wheels are UCI approved
Also we have SGS certification

Yoeleo SAT Technology

1. What is YOELEO SAT technology?
YOELEO SAT technology means to build wheels using rims without spoke holes on tire bed, thus, wheels are built without damaging original carbon weave.
2. What are the advantages of SAT technology?
a. Increase 30% strength to wheels;
b. SAT wheels perform better on bumps and pot holes;
c. Inflation capacity increases 10%;
d. No rim tape required: weight savings of 15g/set

Tubeless Technology

Compatible with both clincher and tubeless tires
No rim sealing tapes needed for tubeless tires with Yoeleo SAT technology wheelset

Faster and easier to install tubeless tires

Braking Surface Technology

High Temperature Resin+1K Carbon
Better Heat-Dissipation / Longer Braking Lifetime

U-Shaped Rim Design

Yoeleo has been developing and continually improving on its wheelset design since 2007. Through relentless design optimization, customer feedback, and research, Yoeleo has developed a highly advanced U-shaped profile that offers numerous advantages. Yoeleo designed rim profiles provide excellent stability in crosswinds while offering industry-leading performance and speed.

The Fastest Carbon Wheels

Yoeleo carbon wheels perform as well or better than competing brands in independent tests in a variety of conditions

The Fastest Carbon Wheels

Data from test in wind tunnel (tested at 50KM/H)

Ratchet System Technology

YOELEO 220 SP Ratchet System Hub 52T

 The ratchet system technology with 52T which features high-precision star ratchets, guarantees top performance and reliability. The no-tool concept allows extremely simple and quick maintenance.

Straight Pull Technology

YOELEO 220 SP Rachet System Hub 52T

 The term Straightpull refers to spokes with no bend at the head. This design allows for an ideal strength to weight ratio when compared to conventional spokes. Due to their more precise alignment and direct trajectory, straight-pull spoke technology creates a stiffer, more responsive wheel.


YOELEO 220 SP Ratchet System Hub 52T

 ABG stands for Anti Bite Guard, it is a piece of steel spline fitted on the cassette body, strong enough to significantly reduce or completely remove the problem with bitten/damaged freehubs body by cassette rotational force.


Durlable, Afforable, Quality Wheelset We offer 3years quality warranty for the wheels including the hubs by YOELEO 220 SP Ratchet System Hub 52T.

 Optional for 5 Years


We hope you don't need this but if you have a crash, we offer a 30% crash replacement discount on all wheels and spares. Please contact us and we’ll do our very best to help you and ride again ASAP.

2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Farai Dalu from South Afica and Troy Harrison from Australia both qualified for 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Farai Dalu using Yoeleo SAT C60|88 Clincher/Tubeless Troy Harrison using Yoeleo SAT C60+D3 Clincher/Tubeless

Ironman Kona

Massimo Ciocia from Italy qualified for Ironman World Championship Kona twice

Using Yoeleo SAT C50|88 Pro Clincher/Tubeless

Worldwide Happy Customers

Happy Yoeleo customers are located in over 100 countries

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Made by experienced employees utilizing advanced machinery.

The process from raw material choice to the final QC inspection are carefully exercised by professionals to ensure our product arrives next to your door with perfect quality. 


Simon has been a Yoeleo customer since 2014 and has a long history with us.

We'd say he is one of our most steadfast and loyal customers.


About Cycling Team: As one of the leading cycling teams in Canada, we attribute the reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our partner foundations deserve the highest level of visibility, and we are committed to providing just that.

Team members come from 4 main countries: Canada, France, Germany and USA.

Yoeleo Sponsored Team - Cykeln

Since 2016 Yoeleo has proudly sponsored the Italian team Cykeln. They ride the Yoeleo SAT T60/88 carbon wheelsets. In 2016, team member Martino Poccianti set the course record on the Red Hook Milano circuit, with a blistering time of 1:29.576 (52 kph), a full 2 seconds faster than the previous record.


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