R12 Disc Brake Bike Rammekit


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R12 Disc Brake Bike Rammekit er designet til at få luftstrømmen til at passere over i en mere jævn overgang, da rammen drives fremad i modvinden, så der igen produceres mindre modstand. Desuden hjælper designet af rammen  og sadelpind cyklen til ikke kun at være aerodynamisk i modvind, men også stabil i sidevinden.

Det integrerede cockpit H9 (V2) forbedrer den aerodynamiske ydeevne på R12. Med den nyeste EPS+LATEX-støbeproces resulterer det også i lav vægt, høj stivhed, ren æstetik og intern kabelføring.

Certificering:  UCI-godkendt

Rammekit: R12 ramme+gaffel+styr+sadelpind 

Størrelser: 43cm,47cm,50cm,52cm,54cm,56cm,59cm

Styrstørrelse: 380mm,400mm,420mm,440mm

Størrelse af frempind: 90mm/100mm/110mm/120mm

Materiale: High Modulus Toray 800 Carbon Fiber

Farve:  Hemidium / Emerald Green / Chameleon / Custom Painting

Carbon Vævning: UD

Gruppesæt kompatible: Machine og Di2 kompatible

BB: BB386

Bagaksel: 12*142 Gennemgående aksel

Gear drop: Kan udskiftes

Hovedrør: 1-1/2"

Gaffel: Aero skivebremsegaffel, flad montering, 12*100 Thru Axle

Gaffelforskydning: 45°

Bremse: Flad monteret skivebremse

Maksimal dækbredde: 32mm

Kabel: Internt kabel

Rammevægt: 950g(50cm)

Gaffelvægt: 390g

Tilbehør: Afstandsstykker 3mm: 1PC, 5mm: 1PC, 10mm: 3PCS foraksel 1PC, bagaksel 1PC

Max ryttervægt: 110KG

Garanti: 3 år



43CM 430 505 370.6 501.6 100 75° 70.5° 72 415 572.9 977 43 371
47CM 450 516 375.9 505 100 74.5° 71.5° 72 415 570.7 974.8 43 371
50CM 470 528 378.6 520.9 115 74° 72° 72 415 574.2 978.3 43 371
52CM 490 540 381 536.9 130 73.5° 72.5° 72 415 577.1 981.3 43 371
54cm 510 552 386 550 145.7 73° 73° 72 415 583.5 987.6 43 371
56CM 530 567 388.2 567.2 160 72.5° 73° 72 415 588.9 993.2 43 371
59CM 560 582 393 581.6 175 72° 73° 72 415 598.1 1002.4 43 371

Diagrammerne nedenfor viser vores anbefalede størrelser baseret på højde, men der er nogle andre faktorer, såsom arm- og benlængde, der bestemmer en god pasform.
Derfor vil du se nogle overlapninger i vores anbefalinger.

Størrelser XXS
Rytterhøjde 155-163CM 160-168CM 165-173CM 170-178CM 175-183CM 180-188CM 185-193CM


We have strict quality control process to ensure the excellent frameset quality.

1.Pedaling Fatigue Test : Load 1100N , 100000 Cycles
2.Vertical Fatigue Test: Load 1200N , 50000 Cycles
3.Horizontal Fatigue Test: Load 600N , 100000 Cycles
4.Vibration Fatigue Test: load ST:20KG,BB:40kg,HT:10kg , 30000 Cycles
5.Impact Test (Falling Mass): Falling height 212mm, farmar weight: 22.5 KG.
6.Rigid Test (Falling Frame): Load ST:30KG, BB:50kg, HT:10kg, 2 Cycles


We tested our H9 with 100,000 Cycle fatigue test, and the result must come with no damage, to ensure the longevity of the product.

72cm Drop impact test with both drop loaded by weight, replicate heavy sprinting, no damage.

We have very strict quality control for all YOELEO products, because safety is always our number one priority.

Fully Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing results in external clean lines and improved aerodynamics with the cables completely hidden from view within our fully internal H9v2 integrated handlebar. The internal cable routing system is not only adding to the aesthetic qualities of the frame, but also makes cleaning the bike a simpler process.


The R12 is designed to make the airflow pass over in a smoother transition as the frame is propelled forward into the head wind, so in turn less drag is produced. All the tube shapes are built to be streamlined and not too wide in comparison with the width of the tyre. Moreover, the design of the downtube, seat stay and seat post help the bike to be not only aerodynamic against headwind, but also stable in the angle of crosswinds.


The integrated cockpit H9 (V2) enhances great aerodynamic performance to the R12. With the newest EPS+LATEX moulding process, it too results in low weight, high stiffness, clean aesthetics, smoother internal cable routing and comes with mounts to fit most popular devices.


The fork is designed with stealth dropout and integrated thru-axle nut which also improves aerodynamic flow and decreases drag around the wheel attachment. 

EPS+LATEX Production Tech
For Handlebar and Frame

As previously mentioned the R12 is moulded by new manufacturing process called EPS+Latex Tech. Unlike traditional methods like nylon bladders, latex is very flexible and can stretch, so the inside of the frame can be moulded more consistently. This new tech makes R12 incredibly smooth internally eliminating fold lines and creases for a more uniformed internal wall smoothness resulting in a stronger frame. It also simplifies the cable routing process and with this new tech, the frameset weight remains lower due to the extra resin overflow rate is higher and spreads more evenly during the moulding process.
Our H9 handlebar are using the same tech as well.


Superlight Carbon Seat post with adjustable offset for perfect positioning. 25mm of extra saddle cradle offset adjustment means you can position your seat exactly where you want it to be.

Fit Max 32C Tyres

The latest research shows that wider tyres with lower pressures produce lower rolling resistance while improving grip. Riders can now choose up to a 32C tyre which is ideal for the demanding uneven road surfaces we encounter as riders and has the added benefit of inspiring greater confidence at speed knowing you have more control in the palm of your hand.     


4Mindproject is a UCI continental cycling team who attend various UCI races throughout the year. R12 is our team machine.

OZ Cycle Speaks Highly of R12

Every cyclist wants to have a dream bike! Steven from OZ Cycle shares a lot of great building & riding experience of R12. Check his videos and get ready for your R12.

Reveiw by David Arthur from U.K.

Any concerns or doubts about the quality of the bike or the performance prove unfounded. I think the Yoeleo R12 is a fantastic contender if you are in the market for a new race bike in 2022. 

Reveiw by Robbie Ferri from U.K.

First impressions: it's awesome, it's really fast, it’s just so quick , responsive feels really good and it just seems really connected to the road. 


We have worldwide customers riding our R12 DB


Milan built his super bike R12 in 2020, with a 4500km riding, he love the bike performance!

YOELEO Test Team-4MindProject

About Cycling Team: As one of the leading cycling teams in Canada, we attribute the reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our partner foundations deserve the highest level of visibility, and we are committed to providing just that.

Team members come from 4 main countries: Canada, France, Germany and USA.

YOELEO Sponsored Team - Cykeln

We have been sponsoring the Italian Cykeln team since 2016. All team members are using Yoeleo SAT T60|88 carbon wheels. In 2016, the team member Martino Poccianti set the fastest lap in Red Hook Crit Milano history. His time of 1:29.576 was 2 seconds faster than the previous track record. The average speed for this lap was a blistering 52kph. 


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